image of Artificial Intelligence to impact and potentially improve investment decisions

Writer: Kevin Dwyer, CEO & Head Trader
September 5, 2023

AI refers to software-based systems that use data inputs to make decisions independently.

AI enables data to be processed far quicker and has an almost infinite number of applications across sectors¹. For IR, these applications could vary from data analytics on your company and analysis of shareholder voting behaviour to more effective investor targeting¹. AI will change the investment landscape in three ways: Investors will be forced to place more value on the quality of a company’s AI assets. Investors will rely far more on AI-based research techniques to support their investment approach. Investors will compete head-to-head with the technology sector for AI talent¹. AI can access propriety sentiment, volatility, and investor algorithms for all stocks. By using this data and analysis, IROs could be able to understand the motivation behind investment decisions and, therefore, better tailor messages to existing and potential investors¹. AI tools can significantly enhance productivity for resource-constrained IR teams and allow them to achieve best-in-class performance. According to James Tickner, global head of product for IR Intelligence at Nasdaq, AI is viewed as a valuable accelerator that complements human expertise, streamlining tasks and reducing time spent on routine activities². However, with the implementation of AI comes the responsibility to stay informed about relevant regulations. While the EU has already initiated AI Intelligence Act regulation, the US has provided non-binding practical guidelines through the AI Risk Management Framework and the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. Companies must take a proactive role in using AI responsibly and ensuring data privacy and security². Source: 2023-09-05 (1) AI & IR: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (2) Embracing the Future With AI (3) 31% of investors are OK with using AI

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Natural resources investments are generally volatile, with higher headline risk than other sectors. They tend to be more sensitive to economic data, political and regulatory events, and underlying commodity prices. The prices of natural resources investments are influenced by factors such as the costs of underlying commodities like oil, gas, metals, and coal. These investments may trade on various exchanges and experience price fluctuations due to short-term demand, supply, and investment flows.

Natural resource investments often respond more sensitively to global events and economic data, including natural disasters, political turmoil, pandemics, or the release of employment data.

Investing in foreign markets may carry greater risks than domestic markets, including political, currency, economic, and market risks. It is essential to evaluate if trading in low-priced and international securities is appropriate for your circumstances and financial resources. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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