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The Mine$tockers invest in the stock of companies that find it, mine it, and profit from it.

Watch as two people from completely different backgrounds and experiences attempt to get rich or die trying by going on international adventures investigating prospective Gold, Silver, Copper, and precious metal mines and the owners. The Mine$tockers will share their findings, predictions, and stock plays; for better or for worse.

Former NYSE and TSE trader, Kevin Dwyer (The Stock Guy) and Robynne Eaton (The Girl) a retired model, turned entrepreneur will uncover places and the secrets surrounding the mining industry and how to generate profit from them in real-time. In order to do that they must expose the mines in question and determine a number of factors before making a decision on whether to buy more or sell what they have.

Do the mines actually exist? Are they protecting or harming the environment? Do they have an alliance with the First Nations and what does that look like? Are they mining safe and mining right?

Our geologists and team of experts will weigh in and The Mine$tockers will unmask the truth and reveal information on the most viable stock trades and risk losing it all.

Together, Kevin and Robynne will enter rocky and potentially life-threatening territories to see the gold and silver, and copper mining first hand. You will learn the history behind these modern day plays; the process, from staking a claim to selling the gold and all that's between while comparing the historical methods to the modern technologies. Whether it's by RV, Boat, or Sea Plane, you will see the world like never before while hearing the stories about life in mining territories and goldfields around the globe.

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