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Watch as two people from different backgrounds go on international adventures to investigate gold, silver, copper, and base metal mines while sharing their findings, insights, and resulting stock investment decisions.

Former New York and Toronto Stock Exchange professional trader Kevin Dwyer (The Stock Guy) and experienced film producer Robynne Eaton (The Girl) will uncover places and secrets surrounding each miner's operations. Then, determine to buy, sell, or pass on each stock investment based on their findings.

The Mine$tockers will see firsthand the mine sites. Are the miners protecting or harming the environment? Do they have amicable relations with the Indigenous Peoples and the local communities? Do they have an environmental, social governance (ESG) program that meets or exceeds industry standards?

Our geologists, experts, and Indigenous partners will weigh in, as Kevin and Robynne will reveal their ultimate trading decisions.

The Mine$tockers will explore rugged and often dangerous territories to see the mine properties firsthand and meet unique characters along the way, while learning their history and the present-day conditions. Whether by RV, boat, ATV, or seaplane, you will see this world like never before and hear the stories about life in the mining territories around the globe.

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Pilot Filming Fall Of 2022

The pilot episode takes place in Newfoundland. We will examine the gold rush that's going on in this great Canadian province. The MineStockers will then travel to other mining locations around the globe. Future locations include, Nevada, Arizona, northern Ontario, British Columbia, The Yukon and Argentina, to name a few.


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