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Watch as two people from different backgrounds go on international adventures investigating gold, silver, copper, and base metal (EV) mines while sharing their findings and stock investments.

The Mine$tockers will see firsthand the conditions at the mine sites. Are the miners protecting or harming the environment? Do they have an alliance with the Indigenous Peoples and good relations with the local populations?

The Mine$tockers, former NYSE and TSE trader Kevin Dwyer (The Stock Guy) and Robynne Eaton (The Girl), an entrepreneur, will uncover places and the secrets surrounding the mining world and its operations while trying to generate stellar returns. The Mine$tockers will explore the properties before buying more stock or selling what they have. The ESG program of each company will play a big part in their investment decision.

Our geologists and experts will weigh in, as The Mine$tockers will unmask the truth and reveal information on their stock trades.

Together, Kevin and Robynne will explore rugged and potentially life-threatening territories to see the properties firsthand, learning the historical and present-day conditions. Whether by RV, boat, or seaplane, you will see this beautiful world like never before while hearing the stories about life in mining territories and goldfields around the globe.



The Mine$tockers

Discover the prospectors of the past
meet the miners of today, see the future of mining!
We will feature the Mining Companies ESG programs.

Robynne Eaton

Kevin Dwyer
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Mine$tockers Newfoundland Episodes 1 through 3 2022

Mine$tockers Nevada Episodes 4 through 8 2022

Mine$tockers Northern Ontario Episodes 9 through 12 2022

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