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Writer: Robynne Eaton, President & Executive Producer
December 13, 2023



The revelation of a fiercely complex historical tableau comes into the limelight as the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) courageously ventures into an era of enlightened acknowledgment. Following a powerful, yet unprecedented mass resignation, the railway giant ostensibly faced a revelatory moment, bringing to the fore, discussions that had long been shrouded in layers of historical gloss. Constructed during an epoch that vastly disregarded the voices and rights of Indigenous populations, the railways, an engineering marvel of their time, also became a symbol of deep-seated historical trauma. CN, a custodian of this history, has chosen to cast a reflective eye over its past, an act that is as commendable as it is essential.


Throughout the pages of history, the railways have been celebrated for their role in uniting disparate regions, facilitating commerce, and contributing to the collective identity of the nation. However, it is imperative not to overlook the darker chapters of this tale which intertwine with the lives and lands of the Indigenous peoples. The construction of railroads often led to the forceful relocation of communities and erosion of traditional ways of life. This duality of the railways' legacy has prompted CN to embrace a holistic perspective, understanding that with recognition comes the power to forge a new path, one built on the cornerstones of truth and reconciliation.


In the wake of the resignations, CN’s chief officers have vowed to unspool the threads of a narrative once held taut by a singular perspective – to reweave it into a richer tapestry, respecting the multitude of strands that comprise Canada's diverse historical fabric. Ensuring that Indigenous history is not just a footnote, but a chapter read aloud, is integral to the company's renewed ethos. Engagement with Indigenous groups, informed by a genuine desire to understand and integrate their history and insights, has become paramount. This approach signifies more than mere corporate contrition; it heralds a future of shared narratives, mutual respect, and enduring partnerships.


CN's recent introspection and commitment to historical reevaluation align perfectly with Mine$tockers' ethos. The resignation-induced introspection has undeniably acted as a catalyst for change within CN – a locomotive of thought that has the potential to redirect the rails of historical understanding. By fully recognizing the complex fabric of Canada's past, CN steps forth with a pledge to advance not only on the tracks of commerce but also on those of social responsibility and historical justice. As CN embarks on this transformative journey, one hopes it will help bridge the chasms of understanding and heal the scars of the past, propelling the nation into a future where historical truth steers the engine of progress. It is an odyssey that, if navigated with sensitivity and integrity, can truly captivate the essence of healing and cohesion, laying down new tracks for generations to come.

It's a commendable step that not only sets a precedent for other companies but also echoes our belief in the power of inclusive narratives and responsible corporate conduct. As CN charts its new course, it's a journey that Mine$tockers watches with keen interest and profound support, hopeful that it paves the way for similar actions across industries, including mining. Together, we can create a future where progress is measured not just in economic terms but in the strides we make toward truth, reconciliation, and inclusivity.

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