image of THE FASCINATING WORLD OF TUNGSTEN Writer: Kevin Dwyer, CEO & Head Trader
August 24, 2023

Tungsten, often taken as commonplace, plays a vital role in various industries and aspects of our lives.

This lustrous, white metal is pliant and easily manipulated in its elementary form. However, its alloy, usually carbon and oxygen, imbues the metal with significant hardness and brittleness, rendering it a coveted asset in challenging industrial applications. Often referred to as Wolfram, Tungsten is a heavy-duty metallic element coveted for its remarkable density and high melting point. These unique features make it the material of choice in EV batteries by enabling it to weather the high temperatures and intense pressure during battery charging and discharging processes. Arguably, one of the most alluring reasons behind Tungsten becoming an indispensable component in EV batteries is its ability to augment the battery's energy density. Essentially, energy density reflects the quantity of energy a battery can stow per unit of space - an essential attribute for EV batteries. The higher the energy density, the more energy can be crammed into a smaller space. In other words, batteries become lighter and compact without relinquishing performance. Set to play an integral part in fuelling the EV Revolution is the recently revived Sangdong Tungsten Mine, owned by Almonty Industries. Offering a reliable and reasonably-priced source of high-tier Tungsten, this mine promises to alleviate the tightening supply of this crucial mineral. Thus ensuring a steady and sustainable supply to South Korea's flourishing EV industry. As we move towards cleaner and more sustainable transportation, Tungsten will play a crucial role in developing EV batteries. With advancing technology, Tungsten use in EV batteries will increase. Almonty Industries' Sangdong Tungsten Mine is strategically positioned to provide this essential material to the industry. Full Disclosure: We are long the stock. Cheers!

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