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Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 16, 2024) - Tartisan Nickel Corp. (CSE: TN) (OTCQB: TTSRF) (FSE: 8TA) ("Tartisan", or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company has acquired additional contiguous claims at the Kenbridge Nickel Project, Northwestern Ontario. The total property size now consists of 93 contiguous patents, 153 single cell mining claims and 4 Mining Licenses which in total cover 4,273 ha. The patents and staked cells are owned 100% by Tartisan Nickel Corp. through wholly owned subsidiaries.

The Kenbridge Nickel Project is in the north-central part of the Atikwa Lake area and the south-central part of the Fisher Lake area, Kenora Mining Division, 70 kms east-southeast of the Town of Kenora in northwestern Ontario, Canada. The Kenbridge Nickel Deposit hosts a Nickel-Copper Resource with a 622-meter shaft.

Tartisan Nickel Corp. is also pleased to announce that Aspen Biological Ltd. staff have commenced 2024 baseline study field work which includes completing the baseline aquatic and terrestrial fieldwork within the project footprint and access road options. These studies, along with baseline data previously collected will be used to develop baseline environmental reports to support provincial and federal reviews, approvals, and permitting for advanced exploration and eventual mine development. Ongoing species at risk surveys will also help meet monitoring requirements for exploration activities under Ontario's Endangered Species Act.

Aspen Biological Ltd. is a biological consulting firm based in Thunder Bay, Ontario and provides professional consulting services to the natural resources sectors in northern Ontario. Aspen's principal, Lindsay Spenceley (H.B.Sc-Biology) is a biologist with 23 years of professional experience across North America, specializing in Species at Risk, terrestrial and aquatic baseline environmental assessments and post-development monitoring and compliance. Ms. Spenceley has provided biological support for over 70 hydroelectric, mining, solar, wind, transmission, and development projects during the baseline, impact assessment, construction & operations, and decommissioning phases of a project's life cycle. Ms. Spenceley's main professional focus has involved Species at Risk baseline screenings, habitat assessments, surveys, mitigation, monitoring, and permitting within boreal ecosystems. She has significant expertise carrying out monitoring programs for boreal caribou, wolverine, SAR bat species, and eastern whip-poor-will. She has been involved with and contributed to SAR early exploration mitigation plans, permitting under Ontario's Endangered Species Act, and baseline studies for several mining projects in northern Ontario. Mark Appleby, CEO of Tartisan Nickel Corp. states, "In addition to excellent field skills in all seasons and environments, Lindsay has considerable project management skills. Aspen Biological can leverage its network of experienced resource professionals to pull together, as needed, multi-disciplinary teams to deliver upon project requirements and timelines in a cost-effective manner".

Mark Appleby goes onto say, "Lindsay is also experienced in indigenous consultation and engagement, aboriginal traditional knowledge interviews, land use and occupancy studies, and providing environmental and biological training to Indigenous communities. She routinely works collaboratively with environmental monitors during field programs and is always willing to incorporate input, perspectives, and the opinions of others. Lindsay recently completed a 10-day Indigenous Traditional Values Data Collection Training by Terry Tobias and Associates".

About Tartisan Nickel Corp.

Tartisan Nickel Corp. is a Canadian based mineral exploration and development company which own; the Kenbridge Nickel Project in northwestern Ontario; the Sill Lake Silver Property in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario as well as the Don Pancho Manganese-Zinc-Lead Liver Property in Peru.

Tartisan Nickel Corp. common shares are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: TN) (OTCQB: TTSRF) (FSE: 8TA). Currently, there are 121,969,004 shares outstanding (127,669,004 fully diluted).

For further information, please contact Mark Appleby, President & CEO, and a Director of the Company, at 416-804-0280 ( Additional information about Tartisan Nickel Corp. can be found at the Company's website at or on SEDAR at

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