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American Pacific Mining Corp. (APMC), a pioneering precious and base metals exploration company, has made notable strides in the mining sector, predominantly within the Western United States. Their determination and drive have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by their selection as a ‘Deal of the Year’ finalist for the impressive Madison transaction. Additionally, the company has been nominated for the ‘Rising Star Company Award’ at the S&P Global Platts Metals Awards, a yearly event acknowledging significant achievements across 17 categories of performance in the metals sector. These commendable recognitions reflect APMC's commitment to excellence in their exploration endeavours.


The Palmer Volcanic Massive Sulfide (VMS) Project stands as one of APMC's crown jewels. Located in Southeast Alaska, this advanced-stage exploration asset benefits from both road access and proximity to the deep sea port at Haines. A treasure trove of potential, the Palmer Project boasts two NI 43-101 compliant resources: the Palmer Deposit and AG Zone Deposit. Collectively, they encompass a consolidated mineral resource amounting to 4.68 million tonnes at 10.2% zinc equivalent in the indicated category and an additional 9.59 million tonnes at 8.9% zinc equivalent in the inferred category. APMC's June 2019 Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), amended in March 2022, presents a vision of a low capital expenditure (CAPEX), high margin underground mining operation with enticing environmental characteristics. The Palmer Project's terrain, which spans more than 15 kilometers, harbours drill-ready prospects that are indicative of a vast sulphide system—fuelling the promise of uncovering multiple deposits.


Established in 2017 and headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, American Pacific Mining has curated an impressive portfolio of high-grade projects. The company is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under USGD and actively participates in diverse exploration and development activities focused on precious and base metals. With a significant presence in Montana, Alaska, and Nevada, APMC owns the Madison Copper-Gold Project, the Palmer Project, and various other precious metals projects. The Madison Copper-Gold Project near Silver Star, Montana, previously a producing site for these valuable metals, is currently partnered with Kennecott Exploration—a segment of the global mining conglomerate Rio Tinto Group. The Palmer Project, situated in Alaska, operates under a joint-venture with Dowa Metals & Mining and embodies a VMS endeavour. Concurrently, APMC's Nevada projects remain prime locations for precious metals exploration, reinforcing the company's mission to build a substantial presence in key mining districts of the Western United States.


APMC's relentless pursuit of advancement is evident through its recent exploratory achievements. In 2023, the company heralded significant results from its Phase II rock and grab sample program at the Danny Boy claims in Nevada. Boldly pushing forward, APMC reported its most notable copper drill intersections to date from its 2023 resource definition and geotechnical drill in the following year, cementing their status as a significant player in metals exploration. As American Pacific Mining Corp. continues to forge its path in the minerals exploration industry, their dedication to uncovering and advancing high-grade assets is clear. Their focus on strategic exploration and development in the prolific regions of the Western United States holds the promise of sustainable growth and substantial contributions to the global metals market.

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